NICOSIA MALL, the largest shopping center in Cyprus has opened its doors

With the onset of the Cypriot winter, the amount of entertainment on the island is greatly reduced, because the cold season is traditionally associated with a decrease in the number of tourists. This is not surprising since the Mediterranean state is considered by many as a sole place for a beach holiday. Therefore, the local authorities decided to fundamentally change the situation and make Cyprus a favorite shopping tourism.

The opening of the mall

On November 21, the grand opening of the Nicosia Mall took place in the Cypriot capital of Nicosia. The new shopping and entertainment center has surpassed even MY Mall, which is located in Limassol. Until that moment, the city on the southern coast of Cyprus was considered the stronghold of shopping on the island.

Shopping and entertainment complex Nicosia Mall more than MY Mall twice and in size, and the number of shops, and a variety of entertainment. The design and architecture of the new complex are also out of the competition.

Nicosia Mall Features

The new mall is located on two floors and covers an area of 82.000 m2. In this area, there are one and a half hundred fashion boutiques. They sell a solid range of products: various accessories, shoes, men's and women's clothing, perfumes, cosmetics, textiles, jewelry, and jewelry, etc. Their stores in the mall opened as well-known brands and local brands.

Shopping and recreation in the RTC Nicosia Mall are designed for the whole day with the opportunity to have a snack or thoroughly eat in the numerous gastronomic restaurants of the complex. Here are opened restaurants, cafes and snack bars, which offer dishes of world cuisines.

The peculiarity of the new shopping center is the beauty zone, where the hairdressing and beauty salons with a wide range of services are located. Parking Nicosia Mall accommodates up to 1,700 cars.

The location of the new mall

The complex has a great location. It is only 30 minutes from Larnaca International Airport, so you can go shopping right away from the plane. Also, the RTC is easily accessible from anywhere in Nicosia, and from the city center, the road will take no more than 15 minutes.

Do you want to plunge into the world of unsurpassed shopping and endless pleasure? Then plan a trip to the island of Cyprus right now and come to the shopping and entertainment complex Nicosia Mall!

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