New Year Abroad: 5 low-budget Greek destinations

Do you want to meet New Year's Eve on the Aegean coast and see “another” Greece? Then choose one of the Greek villages or a small town. Here you will find scenic views, cozy guesthouses, reasonable prices, as well as atmospheric taverns with a delicious menu.

Elatochori (Pieria)

Elatochori ski center is the best place to be alone with yourself or your family. It is not crowded and fairly quiet. Elatochori surrounds the nature of incredible beauty. You can choose a room in one of the boarding houses located in traditional settlements. In local taverns, be sure to order mulled wine with traditional sweets and jams. In the village cafes, hot chocolate is also excellent.

Trikala (Peloponnese)

The structure of Trikala, located on the Peloponnese peninsula, includes three villages – Ano, Mesea and Kato. All of them are close to each other. In any of them you can walk through the snow-covered coniferous forest, relax by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate, sample local delicacies in one of the taverns and enjoy life.

Karpenisi (Central Greece)

Do you want to spend the New Year holidays on skis – go to the ski resort in the small town of Karpenisi. This is a paradise in the central part of the country. The Pind snow mountain range offers a variety of trails for skiers of any skill level. Performances are held on the main square of the town, and in numerous bars there is an extensive festive menu: meat dishes, fish and seafood, various side dishes and desserts.

Elati and Pertouli (Thessaly)

Elati and Pertuli are villages of magic beauty. Especially they are good in winter. And they are popular not only because of reasonable prices and excellent service, but also because of the opportunity to ski on the slopes of Koziakas. They are cooked in the villages in wood-burning stoves and antique with triangular penthouses. After the descents, you can walk along the streets of villages, order lunch prepared in a wood-burning stove or go on an excursion to Meteora.

Agios Athanasios (Macedonia)

This municipality is located in the Limassol district on the western slopes of Mount Voras and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Northern Greece. It is chosen for the beauty of nature, proximity to Thessaloniki, as well as a variety of guesthouses and hotels. In local cafes you can taste rich hot soups, meat dishes, aromatic salads and side dishes, as well as delicious local wine.

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