Greece will beat the export record in 2019

The Association of Exporters of Greece reported great news: this year, the volume of exported products will show steady growth. Representatives of the association are confident that in 2019 the historical maximum is likely to be fixed, as new markets open up and the list of goods for export is constantly expanding.

The volume of exports in 2019 may exceed € 33,000,000,000 - € 34,000,000,000, which will be a record figure for Greece. Such a result is possible only thanks to the solid work of national exporters, who are a reliable pillar of the country's economy.

Experience and plans

According to experts, it is impossible to cope without the support of the state, which should help in the development of a national strategy, focused on foreign sales markets. The President of the Association of Exporters noted that only investments and export activities will contribute to the creation of new paid jobs.

Greek exporters have learned a lot from their mistakes and are now trying to borrow successful work strategies from leading states. A serious modernization of the customs sphere of the country contributes to better and stable traffic.

The main export products of Greece are medicines, fresh or dried fruits, petroleum products, nuts, fresh or canned vegetables, fresh or frozen fish, aluminum. The state maintains partnerships in the export of goods with Bulgaria (5% of total exports), Cyprus (6%), Turkey (7%), Germany (7%) and Italy (11%).

The Ministry of Economy of Greece in its report showed a desire to increase exports from 30% of the gross domestic product to 50% in 6 years. And for this, there is every reason. In September 2018, the value of export goods amounted to € 2.655,300,000, and a month later their volume rose to € 3,118,500,000. On average Greece’s exports amounted to € 1,766,510,000 from 2001 to 2018.

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