How to make the interior in the Greek style?

Greek style in the decoration of interiors is very popular. Mainly due to the advantages that allow you to adjust the space and give it a special atmosphere. Greek style is functional. Light tones have a positive effect on the emotional environment. The marine theme is associated with memories of the sea, sandy beaches, olives, and wine. And the lack of luxury and pomp in design makes the Greek style affordable.

Features of interior solutions in the Greek style:


Pastel colors are preferred. The use of bright elements, such as lemon-yellow or fiery-red inserts, is welcomed. No need to perfectly align the walls. They must have a rough surface. Do not use gloss paints. It is possible to paste over walls with wall-paper with an ornament from geometrical figures. In the Greek interior frescoes look great.


It should be made in pastel colors. To emphasize the height of the ceilings, it is enough to paint them in the same color as the walls. The list will look harmoniously. Embossed images can be molded from plaster. It is important to remember the “circle in a square” rule and place the massive chandelier clearly in the center.


The main condition for the observance of the Greek style – there are no carpets. The coating is created from ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles. In the middle of the room, you can make a mosaic floor panel. If the carpet cannot be excluded, then you should choose a version with a classic Greek ornament.


The simplest performance without excesses. Ideal models of natural wood and bronze with soft upholstery. It is available in gold and silver.


Small accessories and decor items are an integral part of the interior in the Greek style. You can decorate the room with vases, statues, sculptures, pillows, and curtains with a Greek ornament. Look great columns and pilasters.


For the Greek style is characterized by natural and pastel colors. Optimal: white, blue, emerald, brown, olive, lemon yellow, sunny yellow, green-blue colors, and their shades. In the ornaments should be viewed as natural motifs – grapes, roses, and geometric pattern.

If you take into account all the above features, then you get a perfect interior in the Greek style. The main thing to remember is that enough light should remain in the rooms. Do not overload the space with textiles, decor, and furniture.

To realize the dream in the Greek style will help the experts of the company "GREKODOM" –architects, engineers and designers.

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