Mediterranean Tourism Foundation Recognizes Greece Leading the Way

In the Mediterranean Tourism Fund, the Mediterranean Tourism Foundation, replenishment - the Minister of Tourism of Greece, Elena Kondoura became its honorary member. She will work with the rest of the board members to develop a strategy for the development of the tourism sector.

Speech by Kondoura on the council

Elena Kondoura spoke at the foundation meeting and informed about the strategy that Greece has developed to improve the tourism industry. She described how the tourism sector has developed in the country over the past four years.

The Greek Minister of Tourism noted that the measures taken had an impressive result – the tourist attractiveness of the country increased, and the sector’s profitability increased significantly. In conclusion, Kondoura drew attention to the importance of the tourism industry for Mediterranean countries, since the economic situation and attitudes in a society largely depend on it.

The minister raised the issue of the UK leaving the European Union. At the moment, it is literally on the agenda of the whole of Europe. Elena Kondoura also participated in a special meeting of the Mediterranean Women in Tourism, during which they discussed the improvement of the status of women in the tourism sector.

There is still considerable inequality for women. Pay for female representatives is significantly lower, they are not taken to certain positions. Women are offered only part-time, informal and seasonal part-time work. They are more likely to be victims of sexual exploitation. The main goal of Mediterranean Women in Tourism is empowering women in the tourism sector.

The role of Malta, the composition and objectives of the fund

Kondoura’s candidacy was proposed by the President of Malta. It is thanks to her that Elena Kondoura received an invitation to participate in the fund’s meeting this year. It took place in Malta. Thus, the Mediterranean Tourism Foundation recognized for Greece the leading role in the tourism development of the region.

Earlier, very important people were honored to become members of the organization: Taleb Rifai – in the past headed the general secretariat of the World Tourism Organization UNWTO; Dana Firas, Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization; the Jordanian princess, the ex-ministers of the Mediterranean countries and representatives of various organizations that are internationally involved in tourism.

The Mediterranean Fund oversees the tourism sector and aims in its activities to increase the attractiveness of the region for foreigners. The initiator of the creation of the organization is the head of Malta. Currently, the foundation is fruitfully cooperating with the WTO at the United Nations, as well as with the executive branch of the European Union. Together they develop a strategy for the development of tourism in the EU and, in particular, in the Mediterranean region.

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