Bioproducts from Greece conquer London and UK market

London hosted the exhibition Natural & Organic Products Europe 2019, dedicated to natural and organic food. It was presented and products from Greece. She aroused the increased interest of visitors.

Food industry experts say that despite the high demands of the British market and a large number of competitors, Greek manufacturers are confidently present on it. And the share of natural and ecological products from Greece is growing rapidly.

The purpose of the exhibition Natural & Organic Products Europe 2019 was to present bio-products, as well as to build partnerships between importers and manufacturers. For those who show interest in Greek products, there is a special bureau in the Greek Embassy. It will provide all the necessary information regarding the export of Greek products.

The success formula of Greek products

Experts associate the popularity of Greek bio-products with the extraversion of the national economy. And it contributes to a rapid increase in exports. Another circumstance that positively affects the demand for the Greek food is the constant qualitative improvement of food products exported from Greece.

But not only the quality and taste characteristics affect the popularity of Greek bio-products. They have an interesting packaging that provides the content of long-term preservation. In favor of the Greek manufacturers' works and competent promotion of goods, so they are very competitive in the European market.

Consumers from all over Europe give a high rating to Greek products. They celebrate their great taste and natural composition. Environmentally friendly products from Greece to the Nordic countries are especially in demand. And all over the world, unique Greek yogurt, in which 46% protein and more than 26% calcium, is valued.

Political factors

It is also worth noting that British importers are in limbo due to Brexit. Now they can not make important decisions and develop a strategy for further work until the political issues are resolved. At the same time, Greece is doing everything possible to develop new distribution channels for products. Its exports are constantly expanding. And active access to world markets is connected with the fact that the country is gradually emerging from the crisis.

The British market has become strategic for manufacturers on the Mediterranean coast. Importers from this country showed interest not only to large but also to small Greek producers of natural cosmetics and environmentally friendly products. As the Greek representatives report, the UK will remain the main trading partner for Greece and the entire European Union, regardless of the direction in which it will continue its development.

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