Early Bronze Age settlement has been found in Greece

The Ministry of Culture of Greece informed about the amazing discovery – archaeologists found settlements of the early Bronze Age. The excavations were carried out as part of the research program "Keros-Naxos" and evaluated by experts as unprecedented for understanding the past of the Greek people.

An exceptionally important find was made on the island of Dascalio, whose diameter does not exceed 150 meters. A tiny uninhabited Greek island is part of Cyclades and is located near the western coast of Keros. Earlier, Dascalio was Cape Keros.

Features of the find

The Ministry of Culture of Greece reported that they did not expect such a finding, initiating a four-year research program at Keros. But the department received with great joy the news about the discovery of architectural structures dated from the early Cycladic period.

During the excavations, scientists identified structures of various configurations and drainage canals, which makes it possible to draw a conclusion about the most complex urban architecture, which is not typical for that period. The age of the settlement, according to the Ministry, was dated by the radiocarbon method. He confirmed the solid age of artifacts – the beginning of the Bronze Age.

According to archaeologists for the construction of buildings in the ancient settlement used marble of the highest quality. He was probably taken from Naxos, which is next door.

The early Bronze Age in Greek history is also called the Ella period. Its beginning in Crete dates back to 2800 BC, and the end – approximately 1050 BC. In the rest of the Greek regions, this period allegedly began in 3000 BC.

The main findings of scientists

British archaeologist, historian and philologist Colin Renfrew, who became the co-director of the excavations, analyzed all the finds at the site of the ancient settlement. He came to the conclusion that already in the early Bronze Age the inhabitants of the Cyclades had a fairly high level of development of architecture.

According to him, in the architecture of the settlement of the early Cycladic period, there are many advanced architectural techniques, for example, a huge entrance opening, a complex drainage system, and a stone staircase. No doubt, in the settlement at that time there was a highly qualified architect who was able to plan all these structures.

In addition, according to Renfru, the builders of the early Cycladic period already had a centralized system and a plan that was being gradually implemented. A similar system for the design and implementation of the construction program in the early Bronze Age existed only in Knossos in Crete.

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