"Monument of Peace and Tolerance" is to be opened in Limassol

There is a new landmark – "Monument of Peace and Tolerance" in Limassol. Its opening took place on May 18th. To install the monument was chosen the area of ​​Ayios Tychonas, namely, the sea promenade, which is located between the Amathus and Four Seasons hotels. Local authorities plan to use the image of a bronze sculpture in the design of postcards. They will be sold in post offices and souvenir shops.

What is a monument

The new monument is an interesting story composition from bronze. To express the main idea – peace and tolerance – the creators took an olive tree as a basis, the top of which is crowned by a globe. Two pigeons, symbols of peace, sit with spread wings on it. Each in their beak they hold an olive branch.

The symbolism of the new monument

In accordance with the intentions of the city authorities, the monument should be one of the symbols of the city. Therefore, all its details were carefully thought out. The olive tree was not chosen by chance. Cyprus is proud of its successes and traditions in the production of olive oil.

The authors of the project tried to convey to people the ideas of humanism, peace and the resolution of any issues through a peaceful and constructive dialogue through this monument. As stated by the President of Cyprus, this monument was an attempt to express the desire to unite the island.

Authors and sponsors of construction

The author of the project was the Russian Nikolai Ivchikov, who is engaged in business activities in the territory of the Russian Federation and Cyprus. He took over and financial security. Filippos Yapanis, a famous Cypriot sculptor working with bronze and marble, was responsible for translating the idea into reality.

The grand opening of the monument

At the opening ceremony of the monument was attended by President Nikos Anastasiadis. He was pleased with the work done and explained that the sculptural group also symbolizes the friendly relations between Cyprus and the Russian Federation, which they managed to carry through many years. According to him, the island’s Russian-speaking population has made a huge contribution to strengthening relations between the two countries. The head of state stressed that he considers it his duty and duty of every person to do everything possible for the prosperity of the world.

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