Diving in Greece

Millions of people around the world are interested in diving. Greece is especially popular among scuba diving enthusiasts. It is chosen for its crystal clear waters and the rich underwater world: the inhabitants of the sea, caves, algae, corals, and fragments of ancient ships.

Where to begin

The best solution is to contact a specialized center and find an instructor. You can also sign up for training courses, rent equipment and find people for a group dive. After scuba diving, you can go on an exciting excursion on a yacht or motorboat. Boat trips are also organized in diving centers.


For lovers of scuba diving, there are some restrictions in Greece. Under the ban are places that have historical significance. For example, areas of the seabed with artifacts found on them. They are closed for diving until official permission. According to the Ministry of Tourism, divers can cause irreparable harm to the most valuable exhibits. But state policies aimed at increasing the flow of tourists can contribute to the opening of many places for scuba diving.

Underwater hunting

In Greece, many come and underwater hunting. It can be combined with diving. The difference is that you need an internationally licensed hunt. Without it, hunting is illegal. Getting permission is not difficult - the document is available for purchase at any diving center. Consultation on the organization of underwater hunting and give tourist centers throughout the country.

The most interesting places for diving

  • Samaria Gorge in Crete

The most popular with divers is the island of Crete and especially its west coast. The main interest is the Samaria gorge that goes under the water. Here divers admire the ornate cliffs and reefs of extraordinary beauty, as well as rare species of fish.

  • “Cemetery” anchors in Cyprus

Fans of scuba diving at depth always want to see something unusual. In search of interesting, many go to the northern coast of Cyprus. Here is the famous "graveyard" of anchors.

  • Volcano in Santorini

The volcanic island of Santorini attracts divers who want to see not only the unique underwater world but also the underwater volcano. Some are lucky enough sometimes to watch even a small eruption underwater.

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