The summer season of discounts starts in Greece

In the summer, shops in Greece delight tourists discounts. Sail-season starts on July 8th. In 2019, it will last until August 31. During this period, you can purchase all the goods at the best prices.

In accordance with Greek law, shops, boutiques, shopping centers, and other outlets are not required to work on the first Sunday after the season of summer discounts starts. But on July 14, all department stores, boutiques, individual stores, and supermarkets will work until 20:00. Although the authorities have proposed a milder regime: from 11:00 to 18:00.

Rules of the season

The Greek Consumer Federation has developed a list of rules that are mandatory for all store owners. In accordance with the requirements, next to each product must be a price tag. It must be placed in a prominent place. The price tag must have a new price (reduced) and an old price (usually crossed out). Allowed to specify a percentage discount.

Inspectors will be careful to ensure that discounts on goods are real. In other words, the stores will not be able to increase the price for some time before the start of the action, and then reduce it. Owners of retail outlets will be subject to control by authorized bodies. In the case of an inspection, they are obliged to prove that the old price, which is indicated on the price tag, is true. And 30 days before the start of the season of discounts it is forbidden to spread information about what kind of promotions will be held in the store.

The Consumer Federation warns customers that they must inspect the product carefully before making a purchase. The fact is that some merchants try to get rid of goods with defects with big discounts. Therefore, before the cashier, it is important to carefully examine the selected product.

If the store violates the requirements, and this fact will be recorded by the supervisory service, the violator will have to pay a fine. It amounts to 3% of annual turnover. A judicial investigation may be instituted up to imprisonment.

How to navigate the discount offers and not spend extra money:

1. When planning a trip to the store, write what exactly you want to buy and, in accordance with this list, go only to the necessary departments.

2. Before you go to the store for a promotional item, look at how much this or that product usually costs. So it will be easier to navigate how profitable the offer makes the store.

3. When buying a promotional item you need to understand that it is not subject to return and exchange.

4. When buying, always take the cash voucher and the documents that are attached to the goods.

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