Book-crossing has appeared on the beaches of Kimolos

A group of Greek activists installed small libraries with free books on all the main beaches of Kimolos Island * to make the holiday in the resort more pleasant. A grant was awarded to the project by the charity foundation AC Laskaridis. With this money, books were purchased, creative bookcases were created and they were mounted on the beaches of the island. One of the fund's projects is aimed at protecting the marine environment and the animals living in it from plastic waste.

Features of the book project

The essence of the beach library is that you can take from it any book while leaving your own on the shelf. Book-crossing in Greece went beyond the usual framework.

The libraries on Kimolos were created in the form of vertically-mounted boats. On the seat seats are shelves, and they have placed books. Cabinets boats painted in blue and white tones. On the shelves, you can find literature in Greek, English and other languages. Every vacationer will be able to find something interesting for himself.

The design of beach libraries was created by Eleni Technopoule. At the bottom of the boat written calls to maintain the purity of the seas and reduce the amount of plastic waste. By the way, one of the projects of the AC AC Laskaridis aims to protect the marine environment and the animals living in it from plastic waste.

Usually, cabinets, where you can leave a book, are in cafes, parks or subway stations. Therefore, fans of bookcrossing around the world, and he is now at the peak of popularity, welcomed the appearance of libraries on the beaches of Kimolos Island. Now, holidays in Greece will be remembered by holidaymakers by the pleasant reading of interesting books.

* Kimolos Island is of volcanic origin, known for its picturesque nature, the cleanest sea, sandy beaches, and rich history. These factors contributed to the growth of its popularity. And in the middle of summer, there will be even more guests at Kimolos – an international film festival will take place on the island. The event is organized by the Ministry of Tourism of Greece in collaboration with the film company Glory Films in order to increase the attractiveness of the island.

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