Windsurfing training in Greece

The water area of ​​the Aegean Sea in the summer months is the best place for windsurfing. At this time the wind here acquires a northerly direction and great strength (7-9 points). Athletes from all over the world come to Greece for the wave. And even novice windsurfers feel on the boards like fish in the water. Because in Greece there are plenty of windsurfing schools where highly qualified and experienced instructors work.

The most famous windsurfing schools


Among windsurfers, this is one of the most beloved islands. Training schools here begin almost from the airport itself. Ion Club Karpathos centers at Chicken Bay or Gun Bay are among the favorites.


At Kefalos Windsurfing & Sailing, beginners are trained and professionals are trained. In the Gulf – ideal conditions for skiing. In the morning, a gentle wind makes it possible to work out the skill, and in the evening – to ride in a freestyle.


For lovers of a more relaxed ride, Vasiliki Bay in the Ionian Sea is suitable. Here since the 50s of the twentieth century, Club Vass has been working, which is known for its instructors.


Previously, this island was not so popular for windsurfing, but after the victories of Nikos Kaklamanakis at the Olympics, lovers of sailing began to come here. The champion trained on Andros in the Wesurfin ’Club.


Here is a great school Heraklion Windsurfing Club. Equipment rental services are not available. In the first half of the day, the sea is suitable for training newcomers, and with lunch begins the expanse for professionals.


The local beach of Keros has long been at the top of surfers. Now windsurfers are actively eyeing this place. In the club Keros Surf, you can get training and rent equipment.


Several schools operate around Santa Maria Bay. On the island, there is an aging learning center – Paros Surf Club. Previously, on its basis were held international competitions PWA.


Enjoys great popularity among windsurfers because of the wind of different strengths and directions. Training centers are located on the west coast. The lagoon created ideal conditions for riding beginners. Professionals usually train behind reefs.

Athenian coast

It is characterized by moderate wind, but windsurfers are quite satisfied with such conditions. On the beach, Yabanaki Beach Park is being trained. Equipment is available for rent. In the bay of Anavissos, you can take lessons at the Kouros Surf Club, and in Lutsa – at the Nissakia school. It is quite windy here, there are a lot of reefs and the conditions are more suitable for kitesurfing. Equipment is available at both schools. Moraitis Beach is open in the north of Attica.


The south coast of the island is visited by many lovers of sailing. Only experienced windsurfers can cope with strong wind and waves. For beginners, there is a Windsurfers ’World training center.

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