Virtual advisors – a novelty in the banking system of Greece

Financial institutions in the world are actively introducing online advisors that can determine the individual needs of the client and offer him suitable products and solutions. The popularity of online banking is growing rapidly. Therefore, Greek banks are trying to comply with global trends, gradually introducing virtual innovations.

Virtual advisors in practice

Greek banks are gradually introducing virtual advisers in their work. They will analyze the cost structure of each client, offer personalized products and suggest solutions to most financial issues. For example, to clarify the credit rating, terms of the loan, inform about obligatory payments and commissions.

Online Advisor Features

Advisers, they are algorithms that analyze transactions, can offer an individual or family budget for any time and provide a report on the sale of financial resources. Also, online advisers can give specific recommendations on budget planning and expenses.

Now banking institutions are doing everything possible to complete the development of algorithms as quickly as possible and fully implement them in their work. Of course, traditional banking services will remain unchanged, so for the older generation who do not want to delve into innovative technologies, nothing will change.

But, if earlier they received their pension through a postman, now monthly payments are made on the card. And the older generation receives cash through ATMs. Perhaps a step forward will soon be made, and pensions will be awarded virtual money through digital networks.

A similar situation is with money transfers. Not so long ago, to send funds, checks were sent or money orders were made, now the account is replenished almost instantly using services on a mobile phone. Probably, shortly, bank employees will no longer directly advise clients – virtual advisers will take over the work completely.


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