Paphos is making preparations to meet tourists in winter

The Cypriot authorities pay much attention to the development of the tourism industry. And every year the number of tourists is increasing. Currently, the relevant ministry is focused on making local resorts year-round. Thanks to this, the flow of tourists will not stop at the end of the beach season.

This year, for example, from December to March in Paphos will continue to work about 12 thousand tourist sites. Therefore, the city in the southwestern part of the island of Cyprus will retain the ability to accommodate 250 thousand visitors. The representative of the regional tourism council informed that guests will be offered rooms of different categories so that everyone can find a suitable option.

Paphos tourist flow statistics

In the winter and spring periods in 2018-2019, about 180 thousand tourists arrived in Paphos. According to 2018 data, of the four million people who visited the island of Cyprus, more than 1.5 million chose Paphos as their destination, and this is almost 39% of the total. It was because of the high popularity that it was decided to extend the work of tourist facilities in the city.

The first difficulties of the winter season

A spokeswoman for the regional tourism board noted that despite the efforts made, the winter season in 2019 will be quite difficult. First of all, Paphos airlines have few connections with priority markets. Because of this, tourists themselves do not want to fly with a transfer, and many travel organizers do not offer tours to Paphos. Which leads to a significant reduction in tourist flow.

Besides, the negative background in the tourism market was created by the bankruptcy of the tour operator Thomas Cook Group and the uncertainty of Britain's exit from the European Union. The British account for a large proportion of tourists who choose Cyprus for a vacation. Also, the Cypriot authorities will need to make a lot of efforts to eradicate the stereotypical view that the island in the Mediterranean Sea is suitable exclusively for summer vacations.

Why is it worth going to Paphos in the winter?

In addition to a beach holiday, the city offers many attractions. Swimming in the sea can be replaced with relaxation in the indoor pool in the hotel, but you can breathe healthy air not only on the beach but also during walks. Because there are fewer tourists in the winter, and the air temperature is in comfortable limits, traveling around the island and sightseeing are the best options for relaxation.

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