Where to go and what to see in Greece in the fall

If you want to escape from dampness and autumn cold, Greece will be the best choice. When the heat goes away and the number of tourists decreases sharply, traveling around Hellas becomes much more interesting.

We suggest visiting 10 places that are especially charming in the fall.

Arachtos River

Autumn is the time to travel to this river. For 135 km you can enjoy the beauty of picturesque nature and emerald water. The river features stone bridges. And year-round rafting is available.


Climbing the highest mountain in Greece is only possible for experienced climbers, but beginners should also pay attention to the location because there are many interesting and easy routes. For example, you can get to the peak of Barbala – there you can relax, enjoy the beauties and try bean and sausage soup.


This island is the best place for a romantic dinner. Therefore, if you want to escape from rainy autumn along with the second half, then it is worth taking a closer look at it. In the afternoon on the island you can go to Colona Beach, where the sea is divided into two parts by a narrow sandy isthmus, and in the evening – visit one of the local taverns to sip an omelet in tomato sauce, with cheese croquettes or olives.


The island has a palm forest, which reigns in a tropical atmosphere. Next to it is access to the Libyan Sea. You can swim in it even in October. And from Wai Beach, you can take a boat trip to the uninhabited island of Chrysi in Ierapetra.


The 75-kilometer Menalon Trail hiking trail is located in the Peloponnese. A walk along it will allow you to see various attractions: ancient monasteries and ancient settlements.


In the mountainous region of Epirus, there is a lake called Pamvotis, in the middle of which is an island. Such a combination is seldom found in Greece, which makes the pond special. The lake is uninhabited, but it has a small museum and a tavern. A boat trip around the island will allow you to enjoy scenic views.


The city houses the Fougaro art complex, which hosts various cultural events. The establishment has a souvenir shop, restaurant, and art store.


Love wine – go to this region to make an excursion to the vineyards and taste the local alcoholic beverage, which is prepared from the Agiorgitiko berries.


Of particular interest on this island is the Eleonas region, which will be the best place for a picnic. There is a very peaceful atmosphere – a forest of centuries-old trees stretches for kilometers.


It is worth planning a trip for those who want to try the local Greek drink – tsipouro, which is served in Tsipurada. Grape vodka goes well with meatballs, olives, anchovies, and cheese.

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