5 edible souvenirs from Greece

Want to bring a souvenir that will remind you of an unforgettable vacation in Greece? Are standard magnets and figurines no longer impressive? Bring local flavors and aromas with you. We talk about the five best edible souvenirs that can be brought from Hellas.


In Greece, one of the most delicious and high-quality varieties of honey is harvested, because of the nature of the climate, there is a lot of herbs. A useful product from ancient times loved by locals. The delicacy is even part of the culture and is part of many dishes. Bees have been bred in Greece for centuries - the secrets of honey production have been passed down from generation to generation.

In local stores, you can find a mixture of sweet treats with nuts of different types. Be sure to buy a jar or two and take it home with you. In the cold season, there is nothing better than tea-drinking with Greek honey.

Halvadopita and lokumi

Another delicacy that is worth taking with you from Greece is lukumi and halvadopita. Sweets are sold in supermarkets and street tents. But, if you want to feel their real taste, it is better to buy them on the street.

Halvadopita is a delicious creamy nougat seasoned with almond flakes and honey, which is located between thin wafers. Lukumi is a Greek variety of Turkish Delight. It is best prepared on the island of Syros. Although, in other regions, lukumi has no pronounced taste as well.


Ouzo is a visiting card of Greece. Anise vodka is hard to ignore – it is offered in almost all local taverns. It is especially popular with the Greeks in the hot season and is in great demand among tourists. An alcoholic drink will be a great souvenir. We recommend buying it on Lesbos. But, if the island is not included in the travel plan, ouzo is easy to find in any supermarket.

Olives and everything related to them

Given that Greece is the birthplace of olive trees, and the local population loves their fruits and constantly eats them, it is green gold products that are the most popular among tourists. You can grab a can of canned olives or a bottle of olive oil as a souvenir. There are a lot of products with olives in Greece – choose slowly.


Another option of an edible souvenir is local spices. With their help, you can cook real Greek dishes at home, which will not differ in taste from the original. We advise you to purchase spices in small markets to learn secrets and get a couple of bonuses or useful tips from merchants. Better Greeks about Greek spices, only the Greeks themselves know.

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