Black Friday in 2019

Black Friday is a day of impressive discount offers in stores. Not only buyers but also the outlets themselves are preparing for this day. The first ones take a turn to the store to manage to get all the best at a low price, and the second ones prepare fantastic commercial offers.

Traditionally, "Black Friday" comes on the last Friday of November. This day is characterized by record sales, huge lines at the box office and crowds of buyers creating panic.

History and Symbolism

Black Friday is not just a long-awaited trading event that allows you to buy the desired goods at a ridiculous price. On the day of a big sale, stores get rid of goods from past collections, and people buy gifts for the holidays, get the right equipment and just goods for the future.

The first global sales were held in America before the start of the New Year and Christmas holidays in the early twentieth century. For Americans, this day was the beginning of the Christmas season. And the term "Black Friday" first appeared on the pages of the New York Times in 1975.

Over time, mass sales gained popularity around the world. In the past four years, Black Friday has become one of the favorite events for the Greeks.

Black Friday in 2019

In 2019, the global sales day falls on November 29th. Discounted prices will be on display at stores. Discounts usually reach 80-90%. For those who will not be able to get on sale, because they will work on Friday, Cyber ​​Monday is arranged by retail chains – this is a record price drop for the remaining goods on Monday following Black Friday. This year, Cyber ​​Monday will be held on December 2.

Black Friday in Greece

In Greece, stores talk in advance about promotions that are scheduled for Black Friday. Even though this year the global sale is planned for the 29th, many retail chains will begin to reduce prices already on November 22-23.

According to information provided by Black-Friday.Global, last year's Black Friday sale caused a huge stir among the Greeks. Growth in demand of 1600% was recorded. The average spending of the Greeks on this day was more than € 206 compared to regular Friday.

Cyber ​​Monday will also be held in Greece this year. Thus, the global sale will be extended so that everyone can make purchases at a low price.

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