Places to visit in Greece in November

Autumn is the best time to explore the historical and cultural sights of Greece. There are fewer tourists during this period, the weather is so fine for hours-long walks, and nature pleases with new bright colors.

In November, in the daytime, the air temperature in Greece reaches +20 ℃, and in the evening it drops to + 15 ℃. If the day is sunny, then the air warms up to + 26 ℃, so you can often see people bathing in the sea. A light jacket is enough for hour walks.

A one-way ticket will cost € 55-70, a hostel stay is approximately € 8 per bed. Double rooms on Airbnb are available for € 15, at the hotel for about € 25, but breakfast is included.

Where exactly to go to Greece in November? To Athens and to the island of Evia to enjoy and

history and nature.

Why Athens

The capital of Greece is visited annually by millions of tourists from all over the world. The Acropolis Museum alone receives up to 150 thousand visitors every month. By the way, this year he celebrated the 10th anniversary and opened a new unique exhibition. In Athens, a lot of attractions that can be comfortably explored in mild weather. We offer a small list of Must-See – come in handy.

Sacred hill

Here you can see not only the Acropolis but also the Temple of Zeus, which is located at the foot. You can visit the Upper Acropolis in November for only € 10.

Mount Lycavitos

From here you can see the Parthenon in full view. And he is especially beautiful at sunset. Climbing the mountain is carried out by funicular.

Acropolis Museum

For only €5 you can see thousands of unique exhibits that have been preserved since ancient times.

Residential quarter Plaka

An authentic Greek atmosphere reigns here: old streets lined with flowers, houses with linen hung on balconies, small Byzantine-style churches, artisan shops, taverns.

Syntagma Square

She is worth a visit to see one of the most exotic guards of honor in the world.

Why Evia

In November, life calms down on many, and especially on the remote Greek islands, and in Evia, it never stops boiling. The island is located east of the capital, getting to it is quite simple. By bus, train, plane or ferry. The Athenians themselves rest from the bustle of the city on the island of Evia every weekend. Here, the mountains are adjacent to the sea, many cozy villages, friendly people, interesting sights, delicious cuisine and a variety of wines.

What to try in Greece

Greek cuisine offers many seafood dishes, vegetable salads, cheeses, fruits, olive oil, and various olives products. Figs and citrus fruits ripen in November – the freshest fruits can be bought at the Central Market. And street food lovers should try barbecue on a stick called souvlaki, pita cake, gyros with french fries, pastries, and desserts.

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