Expanding exports of Greek products

According to Enterprise Greece, Greek producers of natural and organic products are penetrating foreign markets amid increased demand for organic goods. Creams from famous from ancient times Cretan herbs, skin balms, natural wine, cheeses, olive oil, and fruits are very popular with foreign buyers.

The uniqueness of Greece

Greece has unique climatic conditions that are favorable for almost 6,000 plant species. Almost 1000 of them grow only in this country. And many plants have healing properties or unique taste characteristics.

It was in Greece that two world-recognized brands of natural cosmetics were created – Korres and Apivita and several unique wine brands that are not found anywhere else in the world. The natural uniqueness and generosity of Greece allowed it to reach the first positions against the backdrop of the rapidly growing European and world demand for natural and organic products.

Nordic Organic Food Fair 2019

In November 2019, in the city of Malmö in southern Sweden, 49 Greek producers of eco-friendly products (a record number) participated in the leading European exhibition Nordic Organic Food Fair 2019. Greek exhibitors held more than 1000 business meetings with visitors as part of the event.

According to the International Federation of Organic Agriculture, retail sales of organic products in the European Union have doubled in the past 10 years. The value of the eco-products market is € 34 billion - this is almost 40% of the global market, which is approximately €90 billion per year.

Why Greek products are in demand

There are no heavy industry enterprises in the country, and the use of fuel that pollutes the atmosphere is declining. Thanks to this, Greece has good ecology, pristine nature, clean sea, and air – it is in these conditions that organic products are grown.

In the European market, Greek natural wine, olives and extra virgin olive oil are very much in demand; honey, which is harvested in Greece all year round; propolis and spicy herbs that give any dish an amazing taste. Local fruits and vegetables, cheeses and, especially, feta are also very popular. Europeans highly value natural Greek cosmetics based on medicinal herbs, propolis and olive oil.

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