+3000: ENFIA expands the base for calculating a single property tax

The Greek Ministry of Finance intends to expand the ENFIA base for the calculation of a single property tax. Very soon 3000 regions will fill up the system, and property owners in these areas will be able to find out the amount of property tax. The ENFIA database allows you to determine the rates for calculating real estate tax - the so-called "objective values". In 2020, due to the expansion of the base, the Greek government expects to receive an additional income of €400-500 million from taxation.

What areas will be included in ENFIA

ENFIA will soon register a number of popular tourist destinations: the Aegean islands and areas that are part of Athens and Thessaloniki, but so far not included in the system.

The Athenian areas have not yet been added to the database: Turkovonia, Psyhiko, the area around the Sismanoglio hospital between Marousi and Melissia, Paradisos in Marousi, Polydroso between Halandri and Marousi and others.

The same category includes some areas of Thessaloniki: in the city port, in Nea Messimvria, next to the Kaftanzoglio stadium, around the International Exhibition Center and Dikastirion Square.

Features of property tax in Greece

In accordance with Greek law, property owners must pay tax to the state treasury. It is charged for the year. The size of the fee is determined for each owner individually, depending on many factors.

The tax amount is affected by the area of ​​real estate and the rate of the area in which the property is located. The age of the building and its cadastral value are of great importance.

If several real estate objects are registered for an individual, and their total value exceeds € 300,000, then he will have to pay an additional tax. A special accrual scheme and an additional rate of 0.1-1% are applied to them.

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