Nikola Nedeljkovic in on the list 30 under 30, of the BIZLife business magazine in Serbia

Business magazine in Serbia BIZLife has published an annual list of young and successful “30 under 30” for 2020. Nikola Nedeljkovic, the director at Grekodom Development - Representative office in Serbia, was included on the list of the youngest people in Serbia who occupy serious positions in large companies, following the example of the Forbes list.

This list has been compiled for 3 years and undoubtedly always attracts the media and the public.

BIZLife “30 under 30” list is still the only one in Serbia that encourages these young, promising, and smart people to continue at the same pace, to keep winning and one day, somewhere in “2030 something” proposes their favorites for this list.

Congratulations to Nikola Nedeljkovic, we wish him much professional success!


The full list can be found on the magazine website.

Interview with Nikola Nedeljkovic.

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