Russians able to travel to Greece starting on September 7th

From September 7th Russians are allowed to visit Greece. The relevant decree, announced in GG, is valid for two weeks – until 21st of September. Russians are allowed to enter through three airports in Greece – Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion.


1.1) With negative Covid-19 test, which shall be conducted via PCR method (receipt of mouth or nasal smear):
- Until 72 hours before arrival in Greece
- The test needs to be conducted in the country of origin or passing, in public or private laboratory of this country, under the condition that the private laboratories have been certified by this country’s competent national organization of certification
1.2) The certificate shall be in English language, contain the name and surname, the passport or identity number of the individual. The airline companies shall check whether the passengers bear the certificate with negative test before the flight, as its omission obligates the airline company to not board the passenger. Airline companies which do not comply with these check obligations, shall be liable for the repatriation of the passengers, on company’s expenses
1.3) Completion of electronic Passenger Locator Form (PLF) in electronic address, by mentioning the communication particulars in Greece, one day before arrival in the country. The validation of the completion of the electronic Passenger Locator Form (PLF), which the system automatically sends to the passenger via e-mail, is a necessary travel document. Airline companies which do not comply with these check obligations, shall be liable for the repatriation of the passengers, on company’s expenses. A valid PLF form with QR code is considered necessary for entrance in all gates of the country.
1.4) A hotel reservation coupon or other relevant documents which prove the temporary residence of the passenger are necessary.

2) Citizens of Russia who come to Greece shall be re-submitted to sample laboratory medical check on COVID-19. Until the issuance of the results of laboratory check, the passengers shall remain restricted in the place of their temporary residence.
3) According to this, a maximum entrance limit of 500 people per week is predicted for Greece and only in airports of Athens, Thessaloniki and Heraklion.
4) This restriction is valid only for permanent residents of Russian Republic who enter the country between 7.9.2020 on 00:01 until 21.9.2020 on 23:59.

The joint decision was signed by Deputy Minister of Finance, Ministers of Development and Investments, Labor and Social Affairs, Health, Internal, Infrastructures and transportations. We remind you that the coronavirus situation in Greece is under control.

Source: GG,

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