Investments in Nikiti, Sithonia, Chalkidiki. Benefits and characteristics

Real estate properties in Greece are progressively considered an excellent investment move. The peninsula of Chalkidiki is becoming very attractive from this perspective because it is one of the best parts in the land parts of the country.


Whoever is interested in buying a property in Chalkidiki is attracted by Sithonia. This is the second peninsula, situated in the south part of Chalkidiki. It is remarkable for its peaceful and calm atmosphere. The real estate property here is purchased by individuals who prefer a harmonic life and calmness. This place has vast surfaces of untouched nature, as well as a natural refuge.

The Nikiti village is worth of a special mention. It is a popular retreat situated 37 km from Nea Moudania and 90 km from the Thessaloniki airport. The main beach of this resort is a beach land-stripe with length of 4 km and width 10-15 m. The sea is almost always calm. The easy access is worth of a special mention. This beach is an ideal place for family vacations.

All the conditions for temporary or permanent residence have been created in Nikiti. The village has shops, restaurants, taverns, entertainment areas, pharmacies. The village also has branches of Banks and state boatyard (110 parking places). The excellent air is an additional advantage. The village is surrounded by coniferous forests and sea, which allows tourists and locals to experience this special climate.

Nikiti is a quite large settlement with 2.500 permanent residents. In the old part of the village, locals are occupied with works of agricultural sector. The coastal zone is all about ease and comfort of tourists.

Investment Attraction

People who prefer to purchase properties in Greece, often chose the coastal part of Nikiti. Here you may find apartments and houses in the secondary and primary market. This is one of the few villages where the option of purchasing a property by a contractor is possible. For example, the construction of the Bomo Nikiti Apartments compound is currently in progress.

During the last years, the prices of the properties in Nikiti have raised almost at 20%. This development continues, even though in the rest of the country it has been suspended. The situation is due to the fact that the demand in the village exceeds the supply. This specifically applies to apartments with prices up to 100.000 euros.

The residence cost per square meter in Nikiti amounts to 1250-2500 euro. In several cases, the price may be higher. Therefore, you may find both affordable as well as expensive properties here. The residence cost is significantly affected by the distance from the sea.

Many investments in the Chalkidiki Peninsula are related to Nikiti properties. The increase of residence prices in this area results in capital increase. The long-term rental services and the active participation of Greece in Golden Visa scheme are playing a significant role here. This has led to the activation of foreign investors, whose number continues to increase.

It is important to note that Nikiti currently is the village where most building permits have been issued. At the same time, the pace of such constructions continues to grow.


Investments in Nikiti have significant advantages such as:

  • Large variety of residencies
  • Opportunity of property purchase from the contractor
  • Popularity of the resort
  • Excellent climate
  • All the necessary entertainment conditions
  • Warm sea, ideal opportunity for water sports
  • Clean beaches, awarded with EU blue flags
  • Excellent conditions for family vacations
  • Ease access towards Thessaloniki
  • Comfortable moves in peninsula
  • Rapid development of the area

The property purchase in Nikiti is a profitable investment. You may purchase residencies in the village both for investment as well as for entertainment. It depends on the investor’s priorities. In order to find the right property in Nikiti, contact the specialists of Grekodom Development.


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