Athens airport is considered one of the safest in Europe

The coronavirus pandemic has left its mark on the projects of many companies, which confronted the choice – to protect clients as much as possible or to take “large breaks”. The international airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” in Athens also confronted such an issue. Even during the first coronavirus wave, the necessary measures were taken in order to avoid the spread of the disease and, currently, “Eleftherios Venizelos” is the second safest airport in Europe.

The above are data by Safe Travel Barometer, who included more than 400 airports throughout the world in its safety ranking. The audit was completed based on information provided by travelers. The protocol of medical safety COVID-19 was taken into consideration and the same audit was conducted in 29 spots. The criteria were taken into consideration regarding added measures for the protection of travelers from coronavirus received in airports, as well as ratios such as the trust level of passengers. The ranking also took into consideration how fast the airports responded to the covid threat and how convenient were the virus protection proposals for the passengers.

As a result, 15% of the airports received a ranking of over 4 points, which is considered an adequately good ratio. Within Europe, the safest airport in terms of passengers was Heathrow in United Kingdom, with average performance score of 4,4 points. The Athens Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” is the second with average score of 4,3 points. The Greek airport is situated at the sixth spot in the global safety ranking, following the airports of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, London and Singapore. It is worth noting that neither of the participants in the ranking did not manage to earn more than 4,4 points. Therefore, the score of 4,3 points for “Eleftherios Venizelos” aiport in Athens is an outstanding result.

The data of the passenger research was collected during October 2020, when the second wave of the pandemic had already initiated. Therefore, the inspirers of the ranking believe that the airports had enough time to prepare for a new coronavirus outbreak and maximize passenger safety. However, not all airports have followed the suggestions of ΠΟΥ and have taken care of individuals who are forced to use the air transport facilities during the pandemic. The airport safety evaluations are expected to be published each month.

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