Grekodom Development part of the “Hellinikon” project

Grekodom Development S.A., based on multiannual experience on the field of sales and property construction in Greece and Cyprus, is happy to announce to clients and partners that the company will contribute to the largest investment scheme “Hellinikon” in Athens.

The large project of “Hellinikon” creates opportunities for many investors. Grekodom Development is no exception. Along with partners, the company will be part of such a large-scale project. Our clients will have the opportunity to purchase profitable properties or start their construction in this large project. Investing in “Hellinikon” is not only a unique opportunity but also a promising investment option for the future. The target is the full reconstruction of the former airport area of “Hellinikon”, with an area of 6.200.000 square meters, which will be the largest private investment in Greece. The project is of great symbolic and financial significance for the country. This shows that Greece is leaving behind the ten-year financial crisis and depression. “Hellinikon” is the symbol of a new era. The reconstruction of the area will offer employment to 10.000 individuals. After its completion, 70.000 new employment spots.

“Hellinikon” is undoubtedly one of the most discussed projects in Greece during the last years, with a value of several billion euros in the former airport area. The investments include housing construction, hotel units, commercial properties, family entertainment areas, museums, civil centers, health centers, sport installations and entertainment areas, business park of education research and entrepreneurship, as well as full renovation of the already existent marine. The investments also include the modernization of the total coastline, which, along with the parc, will be the largest sight of the project.

This specific project is the largest investment in development of urban infrastructure in Europe, targeting the flow of new investments and their application to the sectors of tourism, culture, entrepreneurship, innovation and environment. Such a large-scale investment is expected to affect not only the area of Attica but the whole country.

In addition, the reconstruction of “Hellinikon” is expected to contribute to the development of Athens city as one of the most significant travel destinations globally, as the project includes the construction of new residencies, architectural sights, as well as theme installations. The project is designed to attract more than 1 million new tourists, as it will significantly increase the average stay of tourists in Athens.

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