First Greek Water Airport in Halkidiki

The first Water Airport in Greece was approved in Kanistro of Kassandra. The approval was granted by the Navy General Staff in cooperation with HCAA: Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority and Naval Ministry. “Med Sea Health S.A.” undertook a significant business initiative, the construction of a Water Field in Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort 5*.

Towards the materialization of the Water Field approval, “Hellenic Waterways” was chosen as sponsor, which is the first company operating in the field of waterways.

Within the approved Water Field, according to the provisions of L. 4663/20 up to six pairs of flights (splash-down and water take off) are allowed per Water Airline company. The flights may be conducted from licentiate Water Airports and/or land Airports (with the use of amphibious water aircrafts).

CEO of “Med Sea Health S.A.”, Alexandros Giannakidis, mentioned “I am very glad because with this approval, a dream regarding the whole region of Khalkidhiki was materialized”. Miraggio Hotel, starting from this year, will be the first Entrance Gate, setting a landmark for Greek Tourism in general.

Greece, with a huge coastline and beautiful beaches, has nothing less than other countries, ex. Maldives, which have added water airplanes in their public transport many years ago. Destination such as Khalkidhiki will be easily accessible, while visitors will have the option to drop by a Greek island for a trip, for a few extra holidays, or vice versa.

Besides the famous islands of Aegean and the capital, anyone who dreams visiting Greece will be able to visit less popular and explored but equally beautiful destinations and get a taste of authentic Greek hospitality.

On the other hand, the Chairman of “Hellenic Waterways”, Mr. Tasos Gkovas, mentioned that “The approval of the first water Field is a significant progress, since this will constitute a “pilot” for the approval of a Water Field Network in strategic spots which attract Tourists.
Through the Water Fields, a direct access to tourist resorts will be ensured, along with beautiful but not easily accessible beaches, famous coastal areas and areas near lakes, resorts for cruise travelling etc.

This progress results to the creation of a new market, which will further develop tourism of high quality, with all the advantages included”, as concluded by Mr. Gkovas.


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