5 reasons to visit Greece this summer

5 reasons to visit Greece this summer


Greece is the most ancient European Country, an actual historic and architectural monument, with landscapes of extraordinary beauty, delicious Mediterranean food, beautiful beaches and a sun that shines 300 days a year. Greece offers an incredible variety of amusement places for all tastes, hobbies and demands. Are you still thinking about it? See a list with five reasons to visit Greece this summer. Greece through the eyes of tourists!

The beaches

Greece is not only the most ancient European country, but also the country with the most beaches. Greece occupies the first place throughout whole Europe when it comes to sandy beach length. In addition, beaches here are suitable for all tastes, and according to local laws, they are all public, with free access. Do you wish to relax under the sun, enjoy an amazing view and take dozens of photographs for Instagram? Head towards “Navagio” beach, which is located in Zante. During 1980 there was a shipwreck here, with a ship transferring illegal cargo. Since then, the remains decorate the landscape. Lovers of paradise islands shall take a closer look at Chalkidiki – they will find a beach of 5km here, known as “Bousoulas”. Do you dream to meat a celebrity during your vacation? Most chances for this to happen is at Mykonos island, at “Psarou” Beach, but you have to consider that face control is strict here, so put on your best swimsuit and reserve a seat.


If you think that sunsets do not differ and there is no reason to visit Greece for that, then you have never seen a Greek sunset in the island of Santorini. It is an amazing spectacle. Do you want more choices? Visit “Sounio”, sit on the stairs of Poseidon and watch the sun leading its golden chariot towards the horizon. And the cherry on top is the ancient fort of Palamedes in Peloponnese Peninsula, which lies over the port of Nafplion. Setting over the horizon, the sun lights the Mpourtzi fort, which is situated across from the port at a nearby island, a spectacle that you will never forget.

Architecture and History

The craving and thirst to dive into history and culture of other countries can be satisfied by Greece. The archeological findings in Greece per square meter are more than in any other European country, but also throughout the world. Take a walk into Acropolis area, discover the wrecks of Knossos in Crete, and visit the Temple of Apollo in Delfoi area. Feelings and impressions from such excursions will last until your next vacation.

Therapeutic programs

Sea is not only beaches and watersports, it is also sea-therapy, whose therapeutic effects on human body are undisputable. Many Greek hotels offer sea walks, seaweed treatments, therapies with salty water. You will return home not only rested but also refreshed, in good shape and full of power and energy, with an enforced immune system. In Evvoia island you will find sources with mineral water: radon water has a beneficial effect in heart and nervous system, as well as endocrine system and hydrogen sulfide will cure your joints. Loutraki, near Korinthos, has thermal baths, one of the best in Europe.

Local Cuisine.



Food lovers will appreciate the amazing taste of Greek cuisine. The Greek cuisine is one of the oldest cuisines in the world. The dishes here are rich, tasty, beautiful, and healthy. Greeks eat a lot of fresh vegetables, seafood, cheese and meat. We suggest you try souvlaki, saganaki, fried squid. The dishes are full of herbs, lemon juice and olive oil. By the way, we urge you to purchase olive oil on your way back home when leaving Greece. Greek “gold” from Crete or Peloponnese is very aromatic, with a slight taste of fruit. The oil of cold elision is considered the best oil, produced with natural way, on the day of olive picking. 

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