10 amazing facts about Greece

10 amazing facts about Greece

Greece is an outstanding country which you may visit again and again, while each time you will discover something new about yourselves. Greece has an ancient history, beautiful landscapes, variated cuisine, friendly people. Generally, it is not surprising that Greece is considered one of the most attractive European destinations.


To attract your interest even more and urge you to plan your vacations in Greece, we are offering you a selection of the most impressive facts about the country. Some of them might already be known to you, while others may be proven a true revelation for you.

Nice to meet you, Greece!


1.  Greece includes approximately 6.000 islands of various sizes, from which 227 are inhabited. It is interesting that each island is characterized by a unique landscape and culture, and therefore your vacations to any of them will provide you with an unforgettable experience.

2. 80% of Greek territory is mountains and half of it is covered by forests. According to data by the official website of tourism, Greece is one of the most mountainous European countries. Therefore, if you think that Greece is a country with white buildings and churches with blue domes, it’s time to rethink that. And this is an excellent reason to buy a ticket to Greece and see with your own eyes how different and unpredictable this country is.

3. The coastline expands to 16.000 km. A little less than half of it belongs to the coastline around thousands of Aegean islands. Regardless of the island you chose to spend your holidays on, you will not only enjoy the sun and the local hospitality, but also the spectacular view towards the Mediterranean.

4. Greece is a true paradise for wild nature lovers. A great variety of unique animals live here, ex. the Cypriot sheep, a rare breed of marten, the Mediterranean seal. Some animals may only be encountered in specific islands of the country, which is an indication of its unique ecosystem. Each winter, more than 100.000 birds from Asia and Northern Europe arrive in Greek wetlands.

5. Greece is a true outdoor monument. Within its region there are 18 monuments protected by UNESCO. From these, 16 are cultural historical monuments: Athenian acropolis, Temple of Apollo, Medieval city of Rhodes. Two more monuments -Meteora and Athos- are pieces of cultural and natural inheritance.

6. If vacation for you is all about sun and heat, come to Greece. According to official statistic records, one of the largest islands, Rhodes, has approximately 300 sunny days per year! This corresponds to 3.000 hours! Therefore, besides bathing suits and a good mood, you should also bring your sunscreen for your trip.

7. Greece is amazing beaches. If ideal vacations for you is beach time, go towards Santorini and black, red and white beaches. They are all amazingly beautiful. Black beaches are a result of the island’s volcanic history. Black sand and pebbles is a spectacular landscape.

8. Greece is third in olive production, following Italy and Spain. However, Greece is considered to have more olive varieties than any other country. A significant number of olive yards covers the country’s territory. Approximately 2,3 million tons of olives are produced here each year. Specific olives were planted here during 13rd century and continue to produce seeds.

9. The protector of Athens, goddess Athena, is also the goddess of war, wisdom and strategic thinking. According to the legend, Athena was selected as Athens’ protector since she granted people a gift in the form of an olive branch. In comparison to Poseidon’s gift, water, olive was the most valuable present.

10. Greece is an undisputable leader in archeological areas around the world. One of the most popular museums is the Acropolis Museum, located in Athens, on a hill right below Parthenon.

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