Why Greece is the perfect place to buy real estate

A person indifferent to ancient culture will not be impressed by the fact that this is the birthplace of Plato, Socrates, Pericles; that at any turn of the road it is quite possible to see the ruins of ancient temples and cities; that the Acropolis rises above the capital,  Athens. This is a nice bonus, but for everyday life, you need something completely different. What would that be? 
Comfortable weather. The beauty of Greece leaves no one indifferent. Blue sea with white sand, mild Mediterranean climate with 300 days of sunshine a year, magnificent landscapes.
Environment and infrastructure. There are hundreds of islands around mainland Greece, 140 of which are inhabited. Those who need peace have the opportunity to retire on one of these islands or in a quiet olive grove. Whoever loves noise and movement will choose a large city or even the capital. From any part of the country, you can get to another, quickly and comfortably.
Proximity of resort areas from any region of the country,  which is important for beach lovers.
Attractions of Old Europe is at a distance of 2-5 hours drive, which results to the cost of excursions being sharply reduced.
Availability of real estate acquisition. In connection with the latest events in Europe and the world, a situation has occurred where houses and apartments, as well as their rent, have dropped in price. This is especially noticeable in Greece.
Simplicity of registration of the purchase and sale transaction. The registration of property rights in Greece is a process that is completely transparent, verifiable and regulated by public law, both in Greece and in other countries of the European Union. If it is possible to hire a local lawyer, then the process of acquiring real estate is not difficult at all. It must also be noted that, land registries in the country are in perfect working order, which further simplifies the transaction process.
Greece has been a full member since January 1981. By purchasing real estate in this country and obtaining a residence permit, the buyer takes advantage of all the freedoms provided to EU citizens.
Security of residence. Greece is a country with a low crime rate. Pensioners who have chosen a secluded house should not be afraid of trouble with their property.
The cost of living is one of the lowest in the European Union, especially in regards the maintenance of housing.
The mentality of local residents. Having settled in Greece, a person will not feel like an outcast. The sociability and friendliness of the Greeks is well known.

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