Buying real estate remotely: how to become a property owner in Greece

Buying real estate remotely: how to become a property owner in Greece

Buying real estate in Greece is one of the accessible ways to get into the Golden Visa program and obtain a residence permit. The purchase amount must be at least 250 thousand euros. It is not necessary to buy one expensive land plot, house or other real estate. The required volume of investments can be gradually added up from investments in different properties. It is important to register the property according to all the rules. Thanks to the support of specialists, this can be done remotely. Here is the algorithm of actions that we propose.


It can be signed for various types of services (for example, opening an account, supporting a transaction) or a complex Golden Visa service. After signing the agreement, it will take about two to three weeks to draw up a power of attorney, which will enable the remote acquisition of an AFM number - an individual taxpayer number in Greece and the opening of a bank account. In the CIS countries, the issuance of such a power of attorney has become a common procedure.

2. Property Selection

Some clients already have ready-made options for the real estate they plan to purchase. If you cannot find an investment property on your own for any reason, we are ready to provide a choice of several properties that meet your requirements.

3. Legal Inspection

Not all properties are eligible for the Golden Visa. They must comply with the requirements of the legislation ( for example, have no encumbrances, bankruptcy procedures of the owner, etc.). Therefore, we recommend that you order a check of all the legal nuances before signing the purchase-sale agreement.

4. Buying property in Greece on your name




The transaction is conducted under a special power of attorney certified by a notary and a bank. Fears that this document will allow fraudsters to use other people's money have no basis. The power of attorney contains limited powers: it gives the right to receive a check for a certain person in order to buy real estate for the guarantor, as well as make transfers to pay taxes and fees. This eliminates the possibility of fraudulent activities and fully protects the rights of the guarantor.

5. Registration of the property

The completion of the transaction requires its registration in the archives and the cadastre of Greece, as well as entering the data into the tax system. The registration of these documents allows the buyer to immediately rent out the property.

6. Preparation for rental and lease agreement

You  can also enter into a lease agreement under a power of attorney remotely, while in another country. The details indicate that the tenant's account was opened in Greece or another European country. At the request of the new owner, the payment for utilities can be immediately issued to the tenant or transferred to the owner of the property.

To become a real estate owner in Greece, you do not need to come to the country. The experience of investors who have used the Golden Visa program indicate the need and effectiveness of the remote property purchase.

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