How is Christmas celebrated in Greece

Christmas is an amazingly warm and bright holiday with a special atmosphere of a fairy tale and wonder. It is celebrated almost all over the world, and Greece is no exception - on December 25 it begins with a prayer, which gradually turns into a "tasty" and joyful holiday.
However, many “tune in” for Christmas on the eve of December 24, children go to sing carols: they visit friends, relatives, neighbors, singing the song “Good Evening Lords” and other carols. For their efforts, children receive small gifts and sweets. People begin to decorate the streets for the winter holidays even earlier, a couple of weeks before Christmas. Shop windows are transformed, the streets bloom with colorful lights, boats are decorated, and Christmas trees of course.
A few words must be said especially about the boats. This symbol is no less festive and Christmas than the tree. Moreover, the tradition of decorating boats in Greece appeared much earlier than the tradition of decorating Christmas trees. Earlier, the Greeks carved special wooden boats, decorated them and went to carol with them. Today, decorated boats can be found on the streets and squares. It is no longer necessary to make boats yourself - you can buy them in stores: of any size, model, shape.
After the night prayer, you can proceed to the most pleasant, fun part of the holiday. Barbecues appear on the balconies, roofs of houses, on the streets,  on which the Greeks prepare holiday treats. The cooking process is accompanied by music, singing, dancing, funny scenes, laughter - everything is fun, perky, joyful. What do they cook?
The main dish on the table is considered a turkey or pig. Also, the hostesses bake Christopsomo, butter bread with dry basil, they often add dried fruits, spices, alcohol, nuts. Christopsomo tastes like something between a Christmas cake and an Easter cake.
Honey and nuts are placed on the table as a symbol of prosperity and welfare. You can often find pomegranates among the treats, which in Greece is considered a symbol of the onset of a new stage in life. By the way, a pomegranate can also be obtained as a gift for Christmas - in this case, we are not talking about a natural fruit, but about a souvenir made of wood or other materials, decorated with semiprecious or precious stones.
Christmas in Greece is a bright and joyful holiday, special for every Greek!

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