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Which options of spare money investment are considered the most reliable? Acquisition of gold and real estate. The first warms the soul or decorates the body, while having your own real estate is prestigious and visionary regardless of whether you are planning to rent it out, come on vacation or preparing to spend your golden years there.
Buyers are especially attracted to real estate by the sea - this guarantees amazing nature, picturesque views, fresh seafood, ecology and a steady increase in the acquisition cost, since housing by the sea will be in demand at all times.
In the last couple of years, residents of different countries interested in investing in real estate have been paying close attention to Greece, in particular, to housing on the island of Corfu, one of the most popular Greek resorts. There are many reasons for  making a profitable investment in Corfu.
Stretching for 60 km almost parallel αlong the mainland coast, Corfu is known as an excellent option for holidays during the warm holiday season. In recent years, the island has been actively gaining popularity as an option for living all year round. Real estate in Corfu is an excellent choice for investing in your Greek home or apartment.
The main secret is that Greek real estate is the most profitable option for buying a house on the coast in Europe. For many reasons, the value of real estate in Greece is beginning to actively gain growth after some decline over the past 7 years. Growth is driven by the strong demand and also by the Greek Golden Visa program, which allows obtaining Greek residency through real estate investment. A residence permit, in turn, gives the right to year-round residence in Greece and the use of social services (education and medicine).
By and large, it's like hitting the jackpot - buying property in Corfu and discovering the doors to the heavenly Greek islands. But why Corfu, and not other cities or islands? Insular Greece, and in particular several of the largest islands (Crete, Rhodes, Corfu), remain the most popular holiday destinations for foreigners.
With approximately the same real estate prices on these islands, a discerning buyer will opt for Corfu, which has beautiful nature all over and is not so jaded by tourists.
Buying a property in Corfu, surprisingly, is an alternative to buying a home in Italy - being part of the Venetian Republic in the past, which has been reflected in the architecture and identity of the cities of Corfu. Each town here is proud of its own attractions, making traveling around the island an exciting experience.
Corfu, or Kerkyra (Greek) is the second largest among the Ionian Islands. Its coastline stretches for 60 km along the western part of mainland Greece. Due to such close proximity, during navigation periods, the journey to the mainland by ferry takes only 2 hours. By the way, on another ferry you can get to Italy (Bari) in 8 hours.
Despite the fact that Corfu is considered one of the northern islands of Greece, its mild, moderately warm climate ensures comfortable living on the island 365 days a year: summer +28 degrees are replaced by winter temperatures not lower than +10.
The infrastructure of Kerkyra is illustrated by convenient roads connecting the capital with dozens of cozy villages nearby. The coast of the island is mainly given over to the cleanest beaches, and the rest of the island, due to its incredible fertility, is used to the maximum for growing olives, southern fruits and grapes.
Real estate in Corfu is represented by an exhaustive variety: from a plot for the construction of a villa on the picturesque coast in the suburbs to a luxury apartment in the historic center of the city.
If you decide that Greece can become your second home, Grekodom Development managers will help you find a property. In Corfu, you can choose properties of various price categories, at different distances from the sea and resort centers.

Maisonette 125 m² in Corfu 

375 000 €

  • Year of renovation: 2005
  • Number of rooms: 5
  • Distance from sea: 50 m

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Detached house 105 m² in Corfu

195 000 €

  • Year of renovation: 2021
  • Number of rooms: 2
  • Distance from airport: 22 km

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Villa 436 m² in Corfu

2 700 000 €

  • Year of construction: 2021
  • Number of rooms: 5
  • Distance from sea: 500 m

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