New Rules for Participation in «Citizenship by Investment» Programs: Six Requirements for Applicants

The European Commission has proposed six new requirements for countries participating in «Citizenship by Investment» (CBI) programs to enhance their transparency and effectiveness. St. Kitts and Nevis have already adopted these rules.

Applicant Screening by Reliable Lawyers from Western Countries

1⃣ Every candidate seeking citizenship through CBI programs must undergo a thorough screening, including an analysis of their biographical data, financial transactions, and the authenticity of provided information. These checks should be conducted by independent companies with impeccable reputations based in the USA, EU, or the UK. This ensures an unbiased assessment and increases the reliability and security of CBI programs.

Mandatory Interviews for All Applicants

2⃣ Interviews will become a mandatory step in the candidate evaluation process. These interviews can be conducted in person or through digital platforms. It is essential to maintain records of these interviews for further investigation of specific applicants, if necessary.

Prohibition of Passport Issuance by Mail

3⃣ The issuance of 'golden passports' by mail will now be prohibited. Such a practice is considered risky due to the possibility of loss, theft, or fraud. Instead, new citizens will be required to receive their passports in person or through other reliable and secure methods offered by the government.

Increased Investment Requirements

4⃣ European officials propose raising the minimum financial threshold for participating in CBI programs to $200,000 for donation options and no less than $400,000 for real estate investments. This will attract foreigners capable of making a significant economic contribution to the host country and also confirm the seriousness of the candidates' intentions.

Direct Transfer of Investments to the Host Country

5⃣Investments will be directed straight to the countries participating in CBI programs, bypassing intermediaries in other countries. This requirement will allow for tracking the lawful use of funds within CBI programs.

Ban on Advertising Visa-Free Access to Europe

6⃣ All advertising materials that demonstrate the benefits of visa-free access to the EU will be prohibited. The European Commission emphasizes that the focus should shift from simply purchasing global mobility to more obligatory commitments to the host country.
Implementing these new rules will help make citizenship by investment programs more reliable, transparent, and effective, serving the interests of both participating countries and applicants.

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