Advantages of Greek legislation

Advantages of Greek Legislation

  • Along with property title, the buyer acquires Title of ownership of the land where his property is located (land plot or land plot for agricultural use)
  • The government doesn’t check the origin of foreign capitals, namely, whether any taxes have been charged and paid in the country of its origin.
  • Signing of Particular Agreement entitles the Buyer and his family to Shengen Multiple entry visas valid for all Shengen countries. After the Principal agreement has been signed, they acquire the right to apply for a Greek residence permit also valid in any Shengen country.
  • Low tax scale for property gifts and for property acquired as parent legacy.
  • Third country (not European Union) nationals are allowed to buy property in Greece.
  • Special Rules registered in official Property Register apply to all apartments, houses and villas located within a housing estate.

It should be also noted that Greek Property code, one of the oldest Property Codes in the world, is strictly observed in the country. It guarantees property insurance and validity of every Title transition contract which is recognized as a government act as well. European law provisions apply automatically in Greece, and they grant property owners quite a few advantages and privileges. Some of them have been mentioned above.



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