Interest for the Greek real estate

Demand for investment in the Greek real estate is huge, said Μr.Pasalidis, but the problems in the system of objective evaluation- it prevents us from taking advantage of this dynamic and create some problems for our potential buyers, he adds. Great interest in the retail space in the center of Thessaloniki, manifested from our neighbors Balkan investors and foreign real estate companies have already started their work in the market, he added, particularly in Northern Greece has increased the demand for the purchase.

He also noted that the high demand from foreign investors, is for hotels in the area of Halkidiki and Pieria in connection with a large booking. Firstly businessmen from Turkey, Russia, Serbia, Israel, showed great interest in the retail space in Thessaloniki he said and added that we must look forward, the changes that occur in the future must be planned on this basis.

Do not miss the opportunity, professionals in other countries, buying a cheap by today's standards, real estate, but also foreign colleagues have already begun to operate in the Greek market, seeing things from a different optical angle and adhering to the aggressive policy, added Mr. Pasalidis.

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