American Indian Village in Northern Greece

The Indian village has been “created” in 2009 by two friends, “Johnny” Yiannis Touliaris and Makis Tsigkaropoulos. The two men put their names together and formed the name “Jomaqua” for the resort/camp that aims to imitate an authentic American Indian village and offer guests a sight of the Indian spirit and way of life.

The camp/resort is a dream made reality for “Johnny” Yiannis Touliaris who was a sailor since age 15. His childhood dream was to travel and see the American Indian villages he used to admire in movies. His work brought him to Indian villages in Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, where he gathered experiences that helped him establish his own Indian village after he is returned to Greece.

Jomaqua is only 103 kilometers from Thessaloniki but it is an American Indian village. It is near Elatochori in the prefecture of Pieria in northern Greece but once there, you can live as an American Indian for a few hours or days.

In Jomaqua visitors will discover tepees, animals and people with painted faces and Indian feathers who will act as guides and coordinators. The village offers a variety of American Indian cultural activities such as horseback riding, archery, climbing, sledge riding, hiking, Indian carriage riding, or tend the animals of the camp. People can go there for the activities alone, but they can also stay there in one of the tepees.

Jomaqua is an alternative tourism family business. Johnny’s wife Litsa is the camp cook and his son Sotiris has general duties. The camp restaurant serves roasted meats in the traditional American Indian way.


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