Photo exhibition "Golden wreaths of Ancient Macedonia"

The photographs of Gold wreaths of Macedonia IV - II cc BC were presented at the photo exhibition at the Archaeological Museum Eani (20 km from Kozani), which opened on March 1, 2015.

Antique wreaths were used not only as a funerary object, but also in various ritual activities of political, administrative and religious nature. Wreaths with leaves of ivy, myrtle, oak, olive, decorated with berries and flowers adorned the heads of men and children in special moments of their lives, in religious ceremonies, anniversaries and sporting events, banquets and accompanied their owners in their afterlife journey.

The material of construction for the wreath, demonstrated a degree of wealth, social status and the title of the owner. Due to the wealth of the Macedonian lands masters created in the IV-th century BC exceptional beauty design of gold, gilded copper and rarely silver.o

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