Greece holiday flavors ... Spring 2015: Athens, or the most delicious festival!

Greece holiday flavors ... Spring  2015: Athens, or the most delicious festival!

Like every year, this spring, Athens again welcome the annual festival of "street" food or «street food festival», which already become a tradition and will be held from 8 to 10 May at Technopol (Gazi). It will be attended by about 120 of the best food producers in Greece.

In recent years, street food is growing rapidly, improving the quality and creativity. For example, in Finland was held a big celebration «Streat Helsinki», in which street fooders  gathered from around the world with their mobile "canteen" in order to compete in skill.

Thus, once again moving in the direction of global trends, the Spring Festival is ready to gather all those wishing to enjoy street food and new creative flavors in Athens, Technopol.

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