Art 2 Rue - Street Art festival in Thessaloniki

French (Galliko) institute of Thessaloniki, with the support of the consulate General of France in Thessaloniki, Mission Laϊque Francaise and the group Ce Soir! Organizes the festival of the street art ''Art 2 Rue-Street Art fest'' in the city of Thessaloniki. Saturday, 23th and sunday, May 24 2015 in the cultural and sports multicomplex WE and the French Institute in Thessaloniki, respectively, will take place celebration on French Street Art including concerts, sporting events, dances, and tasting.

On Saturday, May 23 multicomplex WE perform ''A State Of Mind Sound System'' and ''12 Monkeys'' promising to give the audience an evening full of music and dance. Doors open from 19:00 multicomplex placing with its walls shows and competitions skateboard, bmx, breakdance, graffiti by Greek and French professionals.

On Saturday, May 24 from 11:00 a holiday for children and adults. Will move into the coourtyard of the French Institute. Seminars and demostrations of skateboard, bmx, longboard, graffiti, breakdance, Dj, French cuisine with the participation of artists and athletes from the two countries will cary away visitors. In parallel ''Kids In Action'' hold workshops and seminars and provide Circus Street performance with jungglers and clowns.

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