Athenian Riviera. New trends of Greek real estate market.

Athens-ancient cradle of civilization's greatest and the capital of the sunny Greece. Find a city in Europe even remotely reminiscent of Athens-it is impossible. This historic city has survived another dawn for two and a half millennia ago. The origins of the capital of Greece, enveloped in legends, lost in the mists of time. Today it is the biggest economic, administrative and cultural centre of the country.

The Greek capital, despite a huge territory and the seemingly haphazard arrangement of many areas has many pluses, the largest of which, especially in the sultry summer days is the proximity to the sea-to the famous Athenian Riviera, which is only half an hour's drive from the city centre.

Recent trends of real estate purchases in Greece tend to Athens, or to be more precise to the Athenian Riviera. Here you can buy an apartment overlooking the sea, and if you're lucky, and you become the owner of the last floor, and spectacular views of the city, which is visible at a glance. It offers maisonettes and private homes with swimming pools with their own territory. Most importantly, the sea and all the necessary infrastructure will be close to home. Whatever the season, you will always be able to come into your home and enjoy a pleasant stay, swim in the clean sea, stroll along the small coves, simultaneously making their purchases in shopping centers, have lunch on the beach or enjoy the coastal clubs, famous for its fun pastime.

Faliro Marina Flisvu-this suburb is in all respects special. Firstly, because, despite its proximity to Athens, it is at the same time far enough away from the bustle and noise of the city, a favorite destination, with many residents of Athens activities combined with beautiful views of the Saronic Gulf.

Flisvos has a delightful Bay is being the hallmark of the area, famous for its cosmopolitan character, while the Park's amazing archeological sites are good for relaxing walks or cycling.

From early morning until late evening the inhabitants of the metropolis and its visitors can enjoy a variety of entertainment-from the beautiful promenade, parks and playgrounds to retail shops and restaurants, which prolongs the feeling of summer vacation until the end of September.

Glifada is one of the most beautiful suburbs of Athens, exuding its delightful beaches, full of dazzling sunlight and decorated with Palm trees, as well as the glitter of night life, kicking in the rhythm of youth. Here you can get immense pleasure from sandy beaches with crystal-clear water, late having fun in the famous clubs of the area.

Elegant villas, stylish shops, popular restaurants and trendy hotels-all together constitute an excellent picture that combines the beauty of nature with luxury and comfort, giving visitors unforgettable moments of relaxation and unique impressions.

Note: in the Glyfada Golf Club you can get enormous pleasure from playing golf on a corresponding to international standards.

At 2 km south of the Glyfada district is located Voula, represents a real adornment of the Athenian Riviera-with two perfectly equipped beaches and quays. It is an ideal place for swimming and water sports, with excellent conditions for relaxation and excellent infrastructure. Here is dominated by water-skiing, beach volleyball and water slides, transforming the beach at amusement parks.

Vouliagmeni-impressive suburb, with rich vegetation and beautiful beaches. Here are some of the most luxurious hotels in Attica and respectable restaurants serving unique culinary skill, as well as the famous night music-entertainment centers, which will satisfy even the most demanding visitors.

Don't miss the opportunity to swim in the crystal waters of the beach "Asteras", awarded with a blue flag and a serene relaxation, enjoying the beautiful natural landscape.

Note: Lake Vouliagmeni is a magnificent place of outstanding natural beauty, which is without a doubt worth a visit. 

Varkiza-one of the most popular tourist resorts, located along the shoreline, with beautiful coves and the beautiful landscape geophysics. Here you can be redeemed on beaches with crystal clear water, as well as fun, engaging in water sports, so much so that the area offers well-equipped beaches and quite a large number of free beaches.

Here you can get the thrill of windsurfing, due to well organized infrastructure.

The Beautiful coastal route along the Saronic Gulf also includes such unique tourist resorts, like Lagonisi and Saronida, then Cape Sounion, dominated by the majestic Temple of Poseidon.

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