HuffPo: Mykonos Town One of Europe’s 10 Hippest Cities, Huffington Post’s hotel search engine, has named Mykonos Town one of Europe’s 10 hippest cities.

The HuffPo article in question says that “the true meaning of hip can be elusive. Maybe it’s a barber shop doubling as an art gallery, which serves lattes on the side? Or maybe it’s the coolest bar on the block which keeps adding crazy ingredients to cocktails (bacon Bloody Mary anyone?) Or is it the record store with thousands of vintage singles?Gogobot compiled ratings from our Trendster Tribe to see what they thought about Europe, and here are the ten winning cities.

The article goes on to state, speaking of Mykonos, that "this is the lux sort of hip: high-end food and cocktails, exciting nightlife, and elegant hotels. While it’s easy to imagine that a city known for attracting the world’s rich, famous, and fashionable in the mid-20th century would have fallen out of style by now, Mykonos has remained an ever-evolving trendy getaway for decades, just don’t expect too much flannel and craft beer.


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