‘Greek Panorama Exhibition’ at Grand Central Station Showcases Greece as Top Holiday Destination

Promoting Greece in North America is a crucial part of increasing tourism to the country. People in North America often dream about a Grecian vacation, but don’t know where to begin or what exactly to expect if they travel abroad. Now, North Events is bringing the beauty of Greece and all its charm to potential tourists in North America. What better place to set up shop than Grand Central Terminal Station?

The Greek Panorama Exhibition will be at the Vanderbilt Hall of the Grand Central Terminal Station in Manhattan this May and is sure to offer potential tourists countless reasons why they should visit Greece on their next holiday.

In efforts to showcase Greece, the exhibition will promote everything from Greek products, tourism, culture and gastronomy, North Events said in an announcement.

They also announced that they have set up a subsidiary, Hellas North American Events Inc, in order to provide communications and promotional services with tourism companies in North America and are also planning to expand their reach in promoting Greece with a publication called Hellas Blu, a new magazine in collaboration with the New York-based radio station Hellas FM.

The exhibition will show from May 12-13, 2017. For more information about this and other exhibitions promoting Greece please visit: http://north.events.

Source: usa.greekreporter.com

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