Medical Tourism Is a Golden Opportunity for Greece

The necessary institutional interventions that will help the development of medical tourism in Greece dominated the recent meeting of the Department of Medical Tourism of the Scientific Research Institute of the Panhellenic Medical Association Research. During the meeting, the participants discussed actions to be taken in the next period, both in Greece and abroad, to promote medical tourism as well as the certifications required for health centers.

“Medical tourism is a golden opportunity for Greece as it can be an important driving force for the development of the Greek economy. We have developed an important strategy to promote it that will be launched in the coming period. However, the Greek state should take advantage of this opportunity and make the necessary interventions,” George Patoulis, president of the Medical Association of Athens, said.

They also referred to the conference to be held in Ithaca on May 27-28 with the participation of distinguished Greek and foreign professionals.


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