We start a new project in Kriaritsi!

As promised before, we share you the information about the construction of an individual house project in the residential complex "Kriaritsi", the project of the specialists of Grekodom Development.

Construction of the object is carried out on the bought out an area of 500 square meters, the location of which the client chose himself. The house is supposed to be used for personal purposes for family holidays.

The object is built on the basis of "NYMPH 1" is a typical project of a residential complex on a plot of 250 sq.m. This one-story building has an area of 60 sq.m. with kitchen, living room, two separate bedrooms, and a bathroom. But since the area of the site purchased by the client is much larger, then minor changes were made to the project of the house: the interior layout and the facade of the building were adjusted.

At the moment, all changes in the project have already been agreed with the client, and the facility itself is at the stage of obtaining a building permit. The cost of this project is 180 000 euros. It also includes the cost of the site and the services of specialists of the company-builder.

According to the agreement on the construction of the property in the residential complex "Kriaritsi", all stages of the project implementation are carried out by the professionals of Grekodom Development: legal registration of the purchase of the land plot; selection and coordination of the project/s of houses, as well as changes in the project/s; submission of documents to the town planning committee for obtaining a building permit and the actual construction of the property itself.

In the residential complex "Kriaritsi", there is being carried out the construction of 5 standard "NYMPH 1", "НNYMPH 2", " ASTERIA "," MUSE "," GODDESS "– the area from 60 to 250 sq.m. Their cost starts from 150 000 euros and depends on the location of the site: on the 1st and 2nd coastlines, the price of the object is higher.

The northern part of the residential complex "Kriaritsi" is developing more actively. It is in it for today bought more sites for construction.

Individual projects of houses are possible on the basis of all standard projects. Therefore, we can safely entrust our wishes to the specialists of Grekodom Development and build the house of our dreams.

* Town planning project "Kriaritsi" is located in the same name region in Sithonia – the middle small part of the peninsula of Khalkidhiki. This is the largest residential real estate complex in Northern Greece. It includes more than 3,000 residential buildings and developed infrastructure with all the necessary facilities and services for a comfortable living. Detailed information on the projects of villas, cottages, and services "Kriaritsi" is available on the website.

The favorable geographical location of the Kriaritsi region, according to experts, is the main reason for its popularity and deserved superiority among all recreation areas on the peninsula of Chalkidhiki. In Kriaritsi, there are comfortable beaches with soft sand, calm sea, and clear mountain air. And, importantly, from every point of the residential complex "Kriaritsi", a wonderful panorama of the coast and Mount Athos opens. Therefore, comfortable rest and accommodation on the Gulf of St. Gulf is an ideal solution for investments in the Grekodom Development project.

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