The Annual Russian-Cyprian Film Festival was held in Nicosia

In the evening of September 3, a large-scale event in the world of cinema started, which ended only yesterday! The site for him was the park of Acropolis in the suburbs of the city of Nicosia – Strovolos. The festival was held under the open sky for a whole week with the support of the Cypriot and Russian sides.

Cinema Festival: brief information about the grandiose celebration

The Cyprus office of the RCSC in cooperation with Strovolos municipality organized a large-scale event in the field of art. Its purpose is to introduce diversity into the cultural life of the island. The organizers planned to acquaint local residents with films shot in Russia, and the Russian-speaking audience with films made by Cypriot specialists. The format of the event has already become traditional: open-air film shows in the evening.

The organizers of the festival of cinema in 2018 prepared:

•    The most recent masterpieces of the Russian film industry.

•    The best short films by young and talented Russian directors.

•    Films created by Cypriot filmmakers Adonis Floridis, Dick Absaroka, Andreas Kiriakou.

Features of the film festival in 2018

The festival began with a demonstration of a Russian film called My Life. The plotline is built around a young guy who dreamed of professional football. The film shows all the difficulties that he had to overcome in order to become a part of the big sport. As early as the first day of the festival, everyone could attend a master class dedicated to painting wooden nesting dolls - traditional Russian toys. Also within the framework of the film festival, there was a presentation of the project dedicated to the dissemination of the national culture among the Russians.

Films they showed and watched

Particular attention was paid to the continuation of the film "What Men Talk About", which the organizers demonstrated on the second day of the festival. The audience noted a subtle humor and an interesting story.

On September, 5th in park many admirers of creativity of Dick Absaroki who has to lead a creative meeting have gathered. On the screen on this day were shown films about Russian protected areas.

Fans of Andreas Kiriakou's short films met on September 6th. On the screen the whole evening his works were shown.

September 7 was shown a film with a provocative title "I'm losing weight", which raised the burning theme for each girl – finding a slender figure.

September 9, those who wished could meet with Adonis Floridis. After communicating with the director, the fans were able to enjoy his film Rosemarie, which was shown in the open air.

The festival was closed by a Russian-made animated film called Sadko. It was shown on the big screen on September 10 at 20 o'clock.

For the convenience of the audience, all the films were accompanied by Russian-language and English-language subtitles. Anyone could attend the festival since the entrance was free.

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