Acquire Greek Golden Visa by investing in existing Greek companies

The benefits of investing in existing Greek companies through the purchase of shares in order to procure a Greek Golden Visa are:

  1. Αn economy emerging from a multi-year recession such as the Greek, offers great investment opportunities.
  2. The whole process is very simple, without extra costs, as the transfer of shares is done by a private agreement.
  3. Before the Migration Legislation modification (L4251/2014), this process demanded long term bureaucratic procedures by submitting business plan to the Greek Consular Authority of the place of residence with extreme time delay.

It is important to point out that the required amount for any form of the valid investments reaches the 400 000 €.

The types of valid investments in order to issue a Greek Golden Visa are in brief:

  • a. Capital insertion to a company based or established in Greece
  • b. Capital insertion to an Investment Anonymous Company of Real Estate
  • c. Capital insertion to Venture Capital Company or to Equity Mutual Funds
  • d. Greek municipal bond purchase
  • e. Time deposit to a domestic credit institution
  • f. Purchase of shares in a mutual fund set up in Greece or another country with the purpose of investing exclusively in corporate bonds and / or Greek municipal bonds.

For more details about the valid investment required for golden visa issue please contact with MBGcs company.

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