Greek hotels become market leaders in 2019

Greece is making great efforts to develop the tourism industry. Hotel owners are focused on a high level of customer service. International ratings prove that tourists are most satisfied with their holidays in Greek hotels.

They set the bar so high in 2019 that they were able to surpass competitors in other countries. Greek hoteliers also received high marks from tourists in 2018. Which also testifies to their high competitiveness in the international tourism market.

ReviewPro® Satisfaction Index

ReviewPro® is responsible for assessing the reputation of hotels on the Internet. Customer satisfaction is determined by a special index. To calculate it, all the reviews of tourists who lived in a particular hotel are analyzed.

The information that people leave on social networks, on the websites of travel agencies, on websites for reviews, including on, is taken into account. The satisfaction index (IS) is affected by all reviews that reflect the opinions of customers over the past 365 days.

Based on the information from the PS, hoteliers can evaluate the quality of their services, identify problems and take effective measures for the new season.

ReviewPro® Greece Stats 

The development of the tourism sector in Greece has contributed to the fact that Greek hotels have become absolute leaders in several ways. It is cleanliness in the rooms, courtesy, professionalism and friendly attitude of the staff.

For 2019, an analysis was conducted on 1,126 Greek hotels and 2,500 hotels in 16 competing countries – France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Cyprus, and Turkey. A total of almost 2 million reviews were reviewed. The index showed a very high level of competitiveness of Greek hotels – 87.7%.

The five leaders included Croatia, Spain, Cyprus, and Italy. But Turkish hotels could not be in the top five, even though they pay a lot of attention to customer service. Most of all tourists are not happy with their holidays in French hotels. Compared to last year, their index became lower by 1%.

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