New strategy and renovation of Greek ports

In 2020, tenders will be held in Greece among the managers of shipping companies. According to their results, the leadership of a dozen regional ports will be determined. The Minister of Shipping, Yannis Plakiotakis, shared these plans at a meeting with representatives of the association of cruise ship owners.

The purpose of tenders

The decision to change the current tactics of port management was made at the state level, in connection with which tenders are planned. New management companies will need to change their strategies so that each port can fully reach their potential.

The Ministry of Shipping wants to improve the national cruise strategy since more cruise tourists need to be attracted to develop the tourism industry.

A new parking lot for cruise ships will be built and the infrastructure of the port of Piraeus will be modernized. Following the approved investment program, more than €4 million will be spent on 39 Greek ports. Among them are ports that are used only by cruise ships.

Port Statistics

According to the Association of Greek Ports, there has been a rapid increase in the number of tourists who choose sea voyages. The year 2019 showed record figures for cruise tourism. In the ports of Greece, 3899 vessels moored, from which more than 5.5 million passengers disembarked. Whereas in 2018 the number of passengers was less than 0.7 million. Therefore, in 2020, Greece plans to do everything possible so that there are even more cruises and passengers.

The largest port in Greece in Piraeus. This is where most cruise ships come in. Compared to 2018, the number of vessels served by the port increased by 19% – 622 liners. It is expected that in 2020 Greece will be able to significantly increase this figure, namely – by 15%.

Another major Greek port in Heraklion. Industry experts are also working to increase its throughput. In 2019, the port broke its record for the number of cruise ships and tourists - it received 204 vessels. In 2020, an increase of 8 airliners is expected in the port of Heraklion, and already by 250 in 2021. If the plans of the Ministry of Shipping are realized, then in 2 years the port of Heraklion will be able to receive 500 thousand passengers a year.

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