Greece Takes the Lead in Financing the Fight Against Immigration Crisis in the European Union

Greece allocates a record-breaking 42.4 million euros to address the migration issue as part of the overall funding from the European Commission, totaling 258.9 million euros for the year 2023.

From this amount, Greece directs the funding to two crucial projects that have received approval:

a) Development of optical fibers and software to enhance data exchange between border stations.

b) Support for foster families and the creation of conditions for semi-independent living for teenagers.

Greece has emerged as the primary beneficiary of the funding, surpassing other member countries:

  • Greece: 42.4 million euros.
  • Bulgaria: 37.3 million euros.
  • Latvia: 33.4 million euros.
  • Croatia: 29.9 million euros.
  • Italy: 28.8 million euros.
  • Cyprus: 23.03 million euros.
  • Lithuania: 19 million euros.
  • Hungary: 17.3 million euros.
  • Spain: 9.57 million euros.
  • Poland: 7.85 million euros.
  • Slovakia: 5.2 million euros.
  • Belgium: 5.08 million euros.

These funds will be directed towards strengthening EU borders and ensuring the protection of migrant minors.

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